Hair is highly prone to damage as it is constantly exposed to the environment. In addition, repetitive chemical treatments such as dyeing the hair, use of heat tools, avoiding haircuts, and ignoring split ends are some common reasons behind hair damage.

Hot Showers
Showering With Hot Water Can Strip The Natural Oils Out Of The Hair.

Many People Use A Blow Dryer On Their Hair. If The Heat Setting Is Used, This Can Dry Out The Hair Severely, Making It Prone To Breakage.

Permanent Hair Color
These Chemicals Make Use Of Both Ammonia And Peroxide. The Peroxide Opens The Hair Cuticles And Removes The Natural Color.

Combing Wet Hair
This Is Because The Hair Strands Are Weakened While Wet And Can Not Handle The Strain Put On Them By A Brush.

Chemical Relaxers
The Use Of Chemical Relaxers In The Hair Affect The Molecular Bonds In The Shafts And Make Them Weaker.

Although This Is Not Actually A Grooming Habit, Smoking Is One Habit That Damages The Hair, Skin, And Many Other Organs.

Thermal Conditioning
Breakage, Falling Out, And Frizzy Dryness Are Just Some Of The Potential Results Of This Treatment.

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