How to Ignore Someone Buy Changing Your Routine

1 Find A New Walking Route.

The Simplest Way To Ignore Someone By Changing Your Routine Is To Adjust Your Walking Route So That You No Longer Cross Paths With Them. Take The Long Way To Your Next Class If You Always Run Into That Individual Between Courses To Avoid Having To Interact With Them. Start Utilizing A Different Hallway Or Restroom If You Frequently Cross Paths With That Person At Work To Reduce Contact. If, Wherever You Go, You Always See That Individual When You’re Walking, Start Driving.

If You Notice That Person Has Adjusted Their Walking Pattern To Match Yours, Keep Doing So Until They Give Up.

2 Avoid That Person’s Favorite Hangouts.

This One Should Be Obvious. Just Stop Going To That Person’s Favorite Bars, Eateries, And Parks If You Know What They Are. Unless You Want To Spend The Entire Time There Purposefully Ignoring That Individual, It Won’t Be Worthwhile. [3]

Additionally, You Can Discover The Days That Person Is Out. If You Really Want To Go To Their Favorite Restaurant But He Only Goes There On The Weekends, You Can Go During The Week.

You Can Simply Hang Out There Later On In The Evening If That Person Only Frequents A Particular Pub During Happy Hour.

3 Go Places That Person Will Never Go.

Start Looking Into The Vegetarian Restaurants In Your Area If That Person Enjoys Meat. Check Out The Most Recent Jazz Concert In Your Region If That Person Despises Jazz. The Gatherings Of One Of Your Pals Are An Excellent Spot To Get Away From Them If They Are Mortal Enemies With That Friend.

By Actively Seeking Out Newer, Cooler Hangouts That Don’t Involve That Individual, You Are Not Just Ignoring Them But Also Deliberately Choosing To Go To Areas Where That Person Will Never Attend.

If You Want To Ignore Someone, Start Taking Care Of Yourself.

Your Attention Should Be On You Rather Than The One Who Injured You.

Invest In New Interests, Acquaintances, And Activities.

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