If you truly respect yourself, you wouldn’t chase after people who show low interest. This is why developing self confidence is crucial at this point. Focus on your mission in life, don’t waste your time on girls who are uninterested, give them the space to miss you and don’t text or call girls all day long.

Waste Of Time
If You Invest All Of Your Time In Chasing Girls, The Result You’ll Get From It Will Never Be Productive.

Self Value & Respect
You Might Lose Your Self-Value & Respect For Making Girls Happy.

Unnecessary Distraction
When You Start Chasing Girls, You’ll Forget Your Big Goals. Which Is Growing Bigin In Life.

You Forget About Others
When You Start Chasing Girls, You’ll Forget Others Who Shows Love & Care For You.

Chase Your Dreams First
If All Men Focuses On Themselves All The Time It Would Be Women Chasing Us Men!

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