Ignore Them Buy Using Technology

Ignore Them Buy Using phone.

You Can Ignore Practically Anyone By Using Your Phone. You Can Do A Few Things To Ignore Someone Who Is Using Your Phone. First, Every Time You See That Person, Just Seem To Be Busy By Using Your Phone. Talk To Someone Else While Laughing Hysterically On The Phone, Or Appear To Be Deeply Engaged In A Text Conversation With Someone You Really Want To Speak To.

In Order To Prevent Calls Or Texts From The Person, Change Your Phone Number.

You Can Prevent Receiving Messages From That Individual By Blocking Their Phone Number On Your Phone.

To Be Able To Pick Up Your Phone And Act As Though You Are Talking To Someone, Set Your Phone To Go Off When You Know You Are Close To The Target Individual.

2 Ignore Them Buy Stream Music

Invest In A Pair Of Headphones, And While You’re Alone, Wear Them Constantly, Even If You’re Not Listening To Music. When You See That Individual, Turn Up Your Music To Ear-Piercing Levels And Bop Your Head To The Beat To Give The Impression That You Are Totally Engrossed In Your Music And Have No Time At All For That Person.

You Can Even Close Your Eyes And Sing Along To The Music If You Really Want To Annoy Someone, Leaving Them Absolutely No Chance To Speak To You.

3 Ignore Them Online.

Online Avoidance Is Even Simpler Than Avoidance In Person Because There Is No Need To Go Physically Away From The Individual. To Ignore Someone Online, Simply Be Careful Not To Respond To Any Of Their Emails, Facebook Postings, Twitter Feeds, Or Other Online Communications. Block The Offender From All Of Your Social Networks. Ensure That You Are Not Accessible To Him Online.

If Necessary, Modify Your Usernames And Email Address. There Should Be No Method For That Person To Reach You Online.

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