Ignore Them

Before You Begin To Ignore Them, Make Sure That This Is What You Want To Do Because It Could Destroy A Friendship Or Another Relationship. Ignore Them May Finish Everything. Talk To Them If You Still Want To Remain Friends With This Person Despite Your Argument. Be Direct If You Really Don’t Want To Speak To This Individual Ever Again. Being Direct Up Front Can Help You Avoid Hurting Both Parties’ Feelings More Than Necessary.

1 Don’t Make Eye Contact And Ignore Them

Keep Your Eyes Closed. The Best Method To Ignore Someone Is To Turn Away From Their Eyes. When Your Eyes Meet, You Are Revealing That You Are Aware Of Their Existence And Are Exposing Yourself. Avoid That Person’s Eyes At All Costs If They Are Close By By Making Eye Contact With Everyone Else, Gazing Straight Ahead, Or Even Looking At The Ground.

Just Gaze Directly Over Their Head If They Are Shorter Than You. Don’t Glance Up If The Person Is Taller Than You.

If You Accidentally Meet Eyes With Someone Who Is Exactly The Same Height As You And Is Standing Close By, Try Distorting Your Eyesight To Give Yourself A “Dead” Look.

2 Ignore Them By Walking Quickly

The Act Of Moving As Swiftly As You Can Is Another Technique To Ignore Someone. This Will Demonstrate That You Have A Lot On Your Plate And Aren’t Planning On Hanging Out To Catch Up With The Person You’re Avoiding. Even If You Aren’t Going Someplace Special, Walk With Your Arms At Your Sides And Your Head Held High, As Though You Are Focused On Your Next Goal.

If You Notice That Individual Coming From A Distance, Give Yourself Ample Room To Avoid Colliding With Them.

Don’t Make A Special Effort To Avoid That Person. It Will Appear Like You Care Too Much If You Cross The Street Or Duck Into A Hallway. However, You Should Actually Only Attempt Moving In The Opposite Direction If You Can See The Person Clearly From A Distance And Are Confident That He Cannot See You.

3 Look “Closed Off And Ignore Them

If You Happen To Be Close To The Person, Slump, Cross Your Legs, Wrap Your Arms Over Your Chest—Do Whatever It Takes To Appear Absolutely Unapproachable. Don’t Talk To Me, Buddy, Should Be Your Body’s Message, And Perhaps They Will Understand It.

Avoid Smiling As Well. Maintain A Straight Face Or Even A Frown To Give Off The Impression That You Don’t Want To Talk To Anyone.

You Can Also Adopt A Spooky Blank Expression, Which Will Deter Anyone From Approaching You And Trying To Strike Up A Conversation.

Try To Keep A Portion Of Your Face Hidden If You Have Longer Hair, Bangs, Or A Hat To Deter Someone From Making Eye Contact.

4 Keep Yourself Busy And Ignore Them

You Can Choose To Appear Overly Busy As An Alternative To Appearing Closed Off. This Will Convey The Impression That You Have A Lot On Your Plate And Don’t Have Time For A Foolish Chat With The Other Person.

If You’re Among Friends, Turn To Face Them And Make Frantic Gestures, Appearing So Animated That You Couldn’t Possibly Stop To Speak To Or Even Look At The Person You’re Ignoring.

Look Absorbed In A Book, Magazine, Or Textbook If You’re Alone. You Can Even Pretend To Be Engaged On Memorization By Silently Reading The Words To Yourself.

Keep Both Hands Occupied. Hold Your Phone, Books, Or Even A Bulky Potted Plant While Standing Or Sitting.

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